We are looking for ventures that…

… provide a more-than-profit model.

You are leveraging your for-profit business to create a positive impact.

… are aware of their impact.

You are clear about your impact and how to depict or even measure it.

… can prove their concept.

You have proven that both your models work.

… are scalable.

You have the potential and ambition to impact millions of lives.

… are focused on female empowerment.

You show clear commitment to diversity and equality in the impact you generate.

… use technology to implement their ideas.

Apply & Join!

Next F-LANE Round 6. Oct – 17. Nov

Online Application

Open until 24 July 2017

Online Application Open

It’s a lean process. Just give us a teaser: who are you, what is your venture about, and what impact are you aiming for? Any information you share will be treated confidentially.


Impact, The idea behind your venture, Motivation & dedication, Team strength

24. Jul, 12:00 pm CET

Application Closes

To be announced soon

Hard facts

We want to get to know you better. Give us some hard facts and show us which benefit you’re already providing to girls and women.


More-than-profit model, Proof of concept, Market approach, Scalability

To be announced soon

Self-assessment & interview

We want to meet you face-to-face. Your self-assessment is our foundation for tailoring the curriculum to your needs.


Accelerator Fit

End of August

Board Decision

We select and announce the five ventures we believe will have the biggest impact on girls and women.

Would you like to be part of it?