Meet the next F-LANE cohort!!

These five ventures have been selected out of over 170 applications from 50 countries. Each one of these teams uses a technological approach to empower women worldwide.

1.Sou Sou,Washington DC, United States of America

Sou Sou is a mobile investment platform that partners with financial institutions and angel investors to decrease the time, cost and risk associated with lending to startups and early stage companies. The aim is to close the access to capital gap that is crippling women globally by connecting investors and banks to high performing women borrowers that meet their lending criteria.

Founders: Fonta Gilliam | Innocent Ephraim

2. Gapsquare, Bristol, United Kingdom

Gapsquare provides tools through technology that enable gender analysis within companies to develop plans for managing diversity and toarrow the gender gap. The dream is a world where women are paid the same as men for doing the same work. Gapsquare’s mission is to help organisations make sense of their gender pay gap data.

Founders: Zara Nanu | Ion Suruceanu


3. KaaroHealth, Ibanda, Uganda

Kaaro runs a telemedicine hub that provides a network of rural clinics with access to the services of qualified maternal and child health specialists. Health facilities located in rural areas that cannot afford specialized staff can make use of Kaaro’s “telemedicine-as-a-service” instead. By providing these clinics with real-time access to qualified specialists, Kaaro Health is making a contribution in reducing maternal mortality.

Founders: Angella Kyomugisha | Brenda Nantongo |  Joyce Nakawungu |  Francis Xavier Asiimwe 

4. Good on You, Sydney, Australia

Good On You is a mobile app that delivers ethical brand ratings to millions of consumers around the globe, who want to make more ethical choices. Through this mobile shopping app, Good On You connects retailers to conscious consumers, thus making it easy for people to shop according to their values. Many of the clothes we buy cost the world’s poorest people and the environment a high price. There are shoppers who want to make ethical choices and buy cruelty free fashion, however  it’s hard to know how a brand treats its workers, the planet and animals. This is where Good On You comes into play, by offering you information and ratings on brands and their social responsibilities, you are therefore able to make conscious choices.

Founders: Sandra Capponi | Gordon Renouf

5. Mowoza, Maputo, Mozambique

Mowoza strengthens Women Owned Micro and Small Retailers in Mozambican informal markets by integrating these MSEs into ‘digital retail communities’. By applying smart, cutting edge technologies, to the informal retail sector they change marketplaces and retail in Mozambique and eventually in Africa.

Founder: Suzana Moreira