These five ventures have been selected out of over 150 applications from 52 countries. Each one of these teams uses a technological approach to empower women worldwide.

1. Ask Without Shame, Uganda:

Ask Without Shame provides emergency sex education via mobile through an android app, WhatsApp, calls and SMS to every youth from age of 12-35 without judgment and shame

Female Founder: Ruth Nabembezi

Ask Without Shame Team 2016

2. DigiSitter, Germany:

ds_logo_rgb DigiSitter facilitates the reconciliation of work and family. It reduces the effort of parents, employers and childcare providers to coordinate working hours and care by linking them on one single platform. DigiSitter is an application that works like a digital “family fridge” with colorful post its. By drawing information from different calendars, it gives suggestions for your work life schedule and self organizes flexible child care with your partner, your personal network and babysitting services

Founders: Katharina Schiederig and Ashish Pratap

DigiSitter Team photo

3. Lensational, Hong Kong:

Lensational_Logo_2014.05.11 Lensational equips marginalised women and girls in developing areas with digital second-hand cameras and photography training through locally established NGOs. Women gain creative and digital skills and therapy and through Lensational’s advocacy and e-commerce platform the women’s stories get shared on a global stage.

Female Founder: Bonnie Chiu


4. Securella, Morocco:

In order to increase the safety of women on the streets Securella offers a multi-layer approach based on confidence, community and technology. (1) The Securella walk-safe app, (2) The Securella Shelters, local supporters like shops or taxi drivers offering a place to hide in case of emergency. (3) The Securella body guard bracelet, a smart wearable with alert button to connect to server, identify location and notify trust network/ police.

Female Founder: Samia Haimoura, Hong Kong/UK

securella team1

5. Wazi Vision, Uganda:

Wazi-Logo-final_colorWazi Vision provides affordable eye care to Children aged 6 -15 in Uganda. We use the Wazi Vision App (mobile eye screening application + Virtual Reality) to diagnose vision defects and provide eye glasses made from recycled plastic. Wazi Vision’s eye glasses are handmade by Uganda’s female artisans who are also trained to carry out simple tests with the wazi vision testing mobile application

Female Founder: Brenda Katwesigye, Uganda

Wazi Team